Certified B Corporation™

We put a stamp on what we’ve been building for 17 years

We’ve always cared about being a good company, driven by purpose and meaningful change, and that’s why iBec Creative is a Certified B Corporation™.

Fueling the B Corp movement in Maine

iBec Creative joins 11 other Certified B Corporations™ in Maine, including Allagash Brewing Company, Revision Energy, GWI, Androscoggin Bank, and Wicked Joe Coffee.

We want to see Maine B Corps continue to thrive. We’ve volunteered with a group to support the cause, and we donated our services (including a resource website for our fellow Maine entrepreneurs), to help spread the word about what Maine B Corps are doing in a more public way.

Our Founder and CEO, Becky McKinnell, was also part of the Portland Regional Chamber (in partnership with Great Works Internet) panel discussion: GWI Presents: B Corporations — Business as a Force for Good alongside some local B Corp pioneers spearheading this movement here in Maine. And she submitted a testimonial to the Maine Committee on Taxation, in support of LD 846 — An Act To Promote Benefit Corporations, which passed. As a Certified B Corporation™, we will always strive to do even more for our Maine community.

Do you want to do more, too? 

If you’re just starting your own B Corp journey and want access to the resources we used, check out blog that starts on day one. We also invite you to use our iBec Carbon Calculator to help you out with the assessment requirements.


All businesses will continue to ask themselves a specific question in this path to becoming a Certified B Corporation: How can we be even better than we are now?
If you want to join us in the mission to amplify this answer, we’d love to talk.