Best April Fools’ Day Campaigns of 2019

REI’s Adventures for Pets Campaign

A tiny hedgehog leans up against a rock with miniature climbing gear
Image by REI

REI isn’t kitten around with this premium line of outdoor adventure equipment for our furry friends. Who hasn’t gone on a nine day trip to ride through New Zealand’s quintessential biking trails and thought, if only my miniature donkey were here? “For many of us, our pets are a valuable member of our family, sometimes even more than a child or spouse, so expanding into REI Adventures trips for pets felt like the next logical step,” said James Rodgers of REI Adventures. Seriously though, we wish these adorable tiny tents and chalk bags were fur real.

evo’s Custom Skis for Dogs

A dog wearing skis and a snowsuit rides a ski rail down the mountain
Image by evo

The team at evo was thinking along the same lines with their new product series, evoDog. If you were furtunate enough to grab a pair of skis for your canine companion during this one day only sale, you’re probably heading up the mountain right now getting ready to shred some fresh puppy pow.

Fabula Nebulae’s Fish Oil Deodorant

Fake product mockup of Fabula Nebulae's fish scented deoderant
Image by Fabula Nebulae

Fabula Nebulae is a Maine based company that crafts natural body care products. The really schooled their competitors with their new line of fish oil deodorant – so sofishticated, we can’t wait to try it out. If you’re not into fish, they have plenty of other “farm to tub” natural products to get hooked on.

Wafair’s Groom’d Registry

Four dogs sit facing the camera with gifts and party decorations piled behind them
Image by Wayfair

We’re in puppy love with Wayfair’s new dog wedding registry. Forget about the days of not knowing what to buy for your favorite four-legged newlyweds, and they can finally stop hounding you about their wishlist.

Eastern Mountain Sports Solo Rope

A woman faces the camera, smiling, while hanging from the side of a boulder
Instagram post by Eastern Mountain Sports

For all you Alex Honnold fans out there, Eastern Mountain Sports announced on Instagram that they have a new climbing rope made just for you. Who needs friends to climb with? Imagine yourself alone in the great outdoors, scaling the side of an enormous rock thousands of feet off the ground.


April Fool’s jokes aside, we’d love to help you come up with a memorable marketing campaign. Give us a call.