Best Practices for Social Sharing on your Website

You have a new beautiful website, all components are working perfectly; your blog, your shopping cart, your contact forms, but there is one thing missing. Social Icons.

There are two major types of social icons: social sharing and follow-us icons. Each icon has a purpose and a place on your website. Even if your company isn’t on social media just yet, you really do need them on your site.

Social sharing icons are clickable images that work as shortcuts. When visitors click the icon, it triggers a pop-up window that prompts the visitor to login and share your content or blogs. They look similar to the image below.

Social Sharing are best placed at the bottom of product pages, blog postings and any other content that visitors may find beneficial to share. They should be avoided on all main pages of your website. One of our recent projects Islandport Press Website is an excellent example of sharing icons on product pages. By placing on the product page visitors can share the product with others which in turn will lead to more website visits for that product.

Follow-us icons are icons similar to the image below they allow visitors to click on the icon and be brought to that social media network and like or follow your company page. Usually this page will open in a new window.

The best placement for follow-us icons is the header and footer of your website. This allows visitors to easily connect with your company on all platforms. Depending on your marketing strategy, and if you maintain a more static website, this connection will be another touch point in your relationships. By maintaining the relationship with your target demographic you will (hopefully) increase conversions for your website.

No matter which icons you choose, make sure to match your branding by choosing icons that compliment your website design.

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