Call-to-action or CTA is text or an image that “calls” your visitor to take an action that you want them to while visiting your site. CTA’s allow you to determine the path that your visitors travel through your sales funnel.

Common call-to-actions:

By strategically placing CTA’s throughout your website you can trigger the behavior you want in your visitors. This goes hand in hand with knowing the goals.

Call-to-actions fall into two major categories; primary and secondary. Pages should be designed to have complimentary call-to-actions on other pages, so if the first one doesn’t capture your visitors interest, the second one will.

Birchwood Credit Services, a recent client of iBec, uses both a primary and secondary CTA on their homepage. 
You’ll notice the first CTA is larger and when clicked takes the visitor to a one-page document that details out their value-proposition. The second CTA is placed to catch the visitors’ eye in the circumstance that they scrolled past the first CTA. It leads to the about page which has more content that the one-page document.

Whatever your goal, the CTA’s should be designed to pop in a contrasting color, the copy should be short and to the point while detailing where the visitor will go once they click the link. For example, ‘Download Now’ should take them directly to a downloadable product.

Your primary CTA should support the main goal of your website, while complimentary CTA’s should support your overall sales funnel development. If your goal is to have the visitor make a purchase then ask them to do so, if it’s not the right time, your secondary CTA should capture their information so that you can stay in touch and add them to the early stages of the sales funnel.

Complimentary CTA’s for this example could be:

‘Download Now’ followed by ‘Sign-up for our newsletter to know about new products’
‘Free Book’ followed by ‘Want more content like this? Subscribe to our blog’
‘Add to Cart’ followed by ‘Sign-up for our newsletter for discount offers’

The wonderful thing about CTA’s is that they allow you to test out different offers quickly and see which offers lead to more conversions and website ROI.

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