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Careers at iBec Creative

We’re a team that’s passionate about purpose. We’re dedicated to helping our clients thrive, we’re driven by creating meaningful change in this world, and we’re also fueled by the joy of our work, especially when we do it all together.

The iBec team working together, in person and remote

Current openings

Internships & Mentorships

Applications for our 2024 Summer Internship Program are closed. Thank you to all who applied.

We also offer mentorship sessions for anyone interested in a career in Design, Web Development, or Digital Marketing. If you are interested in a mentorship with one of our team members, fill out the form on this page.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork

We’re a crew of good humans that care so much about our team and our clients. While we love and respect how different we all are, we share in our collective team mission. We’re an open-minded team that loves camaraderie and collaboration, is allergic to big egos, and thrives in this supportive environment that sparks inspiration and creativity at every turn. We’re also the kind of team that loves LIFE and craves FUN in what we do.

We’re also unapologetic in our love for this state. That’s why we look for candidates that share this devotion. We create the best websites for our neighbors, and we also show up to support our fellow entrepreneurs. Not all work is hard, though. Ask anyone on our team how it feels to enjoy local fried clams and a craft beer to support our community. It’s a beautiful thing to work in Maine, especially with our amazing crew. Join us.

Want proof of our Maine Love? We were named one of Maine’s Best Places to Work in 2020, 2021, and 2022!

Our core values

At iBec Creative we embrace:

  • Purpose: where do our footprints matter the most?
  • Heart: it’s beautiful to be human
  • Teamwork: there’s no team quite like ours
  • Creativity: our clients shine the brightest
  • The unknown: because some adventures begin without a map

Our commitment to social responsibility

As part of iBec Creative’s longstanding mission to be a good company, we’re driven by our deep responsibility to create real change in our world. From environmental sustainability to creating a more equitable and inclusive society, we always aim to do more. That’s why we are a certified B Corporation.

Since real change needs action, we make it easy to act. Whether it’s paid time for individual volunteer work (up to two hours each month), optional monthly participation in our iBec Volunteam Time, taking advantage of our quarterly corporate matching program to support important 501c3 non-profit organizations, or joining us on our regular Trash Walks to clean up local neighborhoods, we support the action it takes to create real change.

Our hunger to learn more

We all share a collective hunger to step up the bar for ourselves, and especially for our clients. If there’s a powerful way to help them thrive, we’ll help pay for this professional growth.

Conferences iBec employees have attended in the past:

  • An Event Apart
  • Owners Summit
  • CSS Dev Conference
  • Digital Project Manager Summit (Bureau of Digital)
  • Creative Director Camp
  • Klayvio Conference
  • IRCE (Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition)
  • Agents of Change
  • Inclusive Design 24

Our shared love for Maine

Whether you want to call us passionate advocates or state ambassadors, we are unapologetic in our love for Maine. That’s why we look for candidates that don’t just share this devotion, but also embrace our commitment to help local businesses thrive. We create the best websites for our neighbors, and we also show up to support our fellow entrepreneurs. Not all work is hard, though. Ask anyone on our team how it feels to buy a fresh lobster roll or enjoy a local craft beer to support our community. It’s a beautiful thing to work in Maine, especially with our amazing crew.

A culture like no other

Work-life balance isn’t a catchphrase for us. It’s something we fully embrace.

Wholly human workspace

What’s it actually like to work here? Our office space is open, bright, airy, and with lots of eclectic pieces that makes us smile when we walk in the door. Since most of us love a caffeinated bolt to start our day, there’s an initial pilgrimage to our coffee and espresso machine. As the smell of dark roast hits the air, someone starts up a cool playlist to launch the day with major productivity mojo. We’ll then head to our standing desks (we have chairs, too!), pausing to pet the visiting dog, and get pumped for the day ahead that almost always involves bopping around the open space and soaking in the awesome chats with our tight-knit teammates. Yes, it’s really that great here.

A photo of iBec team members around a table playing Jenga

Flex time

Work hard and be efficient at 40 hours – that’s all we ask. We care about the work we do, not necessarily when it’s done. We’re proud to let you shape how/where/when you work that best supports your life and the team.

Year-round happy hours

Winter happy hours and summer Fridays leaving at 3 p.m. to hit up the beach? That’s how we roll, because life (especially on the Maine coast) deserves to be enjoyed!

Team outings

We truly love our team so much that we can’t wait to hang more outside of the office! We’ve had pretty epic events including off-site parties and some kayaking and sailing adventures on Casco Bay. Even the pandemic didn’t stop us; we mastered the fun Zoom hang and we even managed to get a socially-distanced team hike in!

Chelsea, Konnor, Nate, & Kes all dabbing with an ear of corn in their right hands. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Networking lunches

We love a good lunch, especially when the conversation is even better than the food. Whether it’s a potential client, or someone with great ideas our team would benefit from, go meet up! Lunch is on us.

Supportive of “real life”

We all need the benefits that support our health, our wellbeing, and our families. We’re honored to help:

Health insurance

We know it’s a struggle to find good health insurance, and we strive to offer the best high quality and affordable health insurance options possible.

15 days paid time off to start

While this is unheard of for most places, it’s simply the right thing to do. People have lives outside of work, and we want them to be the happiest ones.

IRA contributions

The future matters and we help secure it with contributions to a simple IRA plan.

Team bonus plan

We empower ourselves to make daily decisions that positively impact our efficiency, profitability, and revenue growth. When we thrive as a company, we can all share in that win.