Atlantic Sea Farms

With their reach expanding each year, Atlantic Sea Farms needed help with meeting advertising quotas across numerous mediums including display ads, google search ads, and social advertising across meta, Tik Tok, and Reddit. 


Reach customers in-store

Crucially, the focus for Atlantic Sea Farms was to push customers to physical store locations, even if they first became aware of the product online. We therefore wanted to ensure that while site visitors could make purchases online, they were incentivized to go to a store by making it simple for them to find the nearest physical location at which they could find ASF products. 

ASF wanted to refresh their digital advertising designs to be fun, and informative, providing content for foodies as well as both health-conscious and environmentally engaged consumers. We wanted to tell the story of Atlantic Sea Farms, while also putting their products front and center. Once a design was agreed upon, we needed to be able to use it to present multiple different products.

Seal that says 'Naturally Plant Based'

iBec held collaborative brainstorming sessions internally and with ASF to develop new taglines and designs that would catch the attention of a wide audience. We were able to first create product-focused ad layouts that were easily adjusted to include new products ASF released through the 2021 winter season, and then adjust to include ads with a human-focused design that sold the brand and mission of ASF. 

We developed easily reproducible landing pages that ASF could adjust to fit any message or product they wanted to present to potential customers. To ensure good foot traffic to stores, we set up each page with upgraded storefinder functionality and monitored its usage through click maps to make tweaks that would make it easy for customers to find the nearest store to them.

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Wrap it up!

ASF has continued to grow exponentially with our support, opening in more national supermarket chains across the country that fit their brand’s voice.
iBec was able to improve ASF’s click through rates and cost per click on every platform we advertised on. Over 25% of landing page visitors for the ads used the store finder to locate ASF products near them, succeeding in our collaborative goal of pushing customers to the store.