Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

Between November 2021 and June 2022, iBec supported CMBG on multiple projects, first helping to ensure another successful year on their illuminating Gardens Aglow event season, and then to advertise the wide range of classes offered by CMBG’s Spring Programming season.

We’ve held engaging and productive meetings with CMBG throughout the projects to maintain a spirit of open communication and collaboration. This has led to a successful partnership both in terms of results and work satisfaction.


Gardens Aglow

After a successful return to holiday events during the 2020 /21 holiday season, we aimed to replicate and expand upon that success in the 2021 /22 season for Gardens Aglow. We worked with CMBG’s team and designers to coordinate audience targeting both in terms of demographics and geographic location. CMBG were confident that they would see a large return from a local audience, and wanted to expand their reach to more of the metro areas in New England.

A greyscale flower.


increase in site transactions


increase in overall revenue


return on ad spend


Spring Programming


return on ad spend

After the successful Gardens Aglow campaign, from March 2022 through June 2022, we pivoted to a multi-channel campaign across Google Search, and Facebook to support CMBG’s Spring Programming, consisting of classes offering an array of Gardening and Horticulture theory and practice.

An ad for Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens that shows two people looking at a plant through magnifying glasses.

Gardens Aglow Results

Compared to the previous period, Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens’ website saw a 58.73% increase in new users and a 65.16% increase in overall sessions. Numerous nights throughout the holiday season were entirely sold out.

Spring Programming Results

On the Spring programming campaigns, we took a limited ad budget and produced a 2120% ROAS, seeing $29,145.57 in revenue from 541 purchases, an average purchase value of almost $55.