iBec Creative has had the pleasure of working with Shawnee Peak over the past three years. Our team redesigned and developed a new website for Shawnee Peak to make the frontend more modern and the backend easier for employees of the resort to update. Following a successful site launch, iBec has implemented annual marketing plans for the ski resort’s pass and lift ticket goals, and handles ongoing digital ad strategy, design, and management.


Ticket and season pass sales

While the ultimate goal of each ski season is ticket and season pass sales, pivoting to develop successful campaign strategies based on the environmental, economic, and competitor changes that happen from year to year presented the largest challenge.

Extensive research, analysis, and creative thinking went into developing each seasonal campaign that we created for Shawnee Peak. Utilizing data from campaigns we ran in past years allowed us to grow off of what we learned, allowing us to finetune our approach year over year. Consistent and thorough ad tracking, combined with meaningful research into multiple factors that affect the ski industry, placed us in a position to see the results we were aiming for.

The hard work paid off! With the combination of a fresh, user friendly site and an effective marketing plan to drive people there, we saw a 111% growth in users in the three years following the new site launch. There was a 1.6 million incremental growth in page views (more than 500K per season) and 90% growth in new users through organic search. Because we consistently worked with Shawnee Peak year after year, we were able to build on our successes and garnered a 63% reduction in cost per click of Google Ads.

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