Ecommerce Resolutions for 2019

After all, Business Insider says 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by the second week of February. In fact, only 8% will keep their resolutions throughout the year.

Goals that refresh, innovate and build

1. Reevaluate audiences

Before you go about changing all your existing creative in search for the next new solution to last year’s woes, make sure to assess your audiences to solve or prevent any targeting mishaps. The Economist gives a breakdown of how age groups have diverged in TV consumption time in the past six years. Sometimes audiences change over time, and the New Year is an opportunity to take a second look.

How to refresh your digital marketing audiences:

2. More automation = more free time

Use data and reporting analytics to free up the clunky, time-consuming work you wish you didn’t have to do. Google suggests finding isolated data points that can help predict greater trends, whether good or bad.

3. Implement AI

Increase revenue.
Is increasing revenue one of your goals? You probably haven’t heard it here first, but we’ll say it again. AI is the greatest growing trend you need to adopt into your 2019 marketing strategy. Forbes claims that implementing AI will help you make smarter marketing decisions, and give you a better look at customer behavior. Forbes’s own studies proved that “AI-powered marketing campaigns increase customer engagement by seven times and revenue by three times by helping marketers be more targeted, more relevant in their content and more effective with how they engage each individual customer.” In fact, Blueshift says 75% of companies using AI in their marketing analysis improved their revenue.

In 2019, shoppers expect personalization. Sentient details how AI can help out with custom product recommendations, smarter retargeting, visual search and landing pages that instantly capture a site visitor’s limited Digital Age attention span.

4. Rebrand

Take a critical look at your brand not just from the perspective of your current customers, but also from a potential customer who doesn’t know your brand. How do you want them to perceive you in 2019?

Digital & Physical.
Just because you’re an ecommerce brand with a solid online presence doesn’t mean there isn’t room for growth. Consider how your current and potential customers will meet your 2019 brand–anything from packaging to your physical brand presence will influence how they experience your brand. Moreover, if you have an established physical brand, consider how digital can benefit your tech-savvy audience that may consist of many Digital Natives.

Creativity & Design.
As 2019 brings more automation technology, consider devoting any newly freed-up time to your brand’s creativity. The more unique your website or app is, the more likely a new site visitor will remember you after one visit. The New Year is the perfect time for a new logo, fresh with current designs.

5. Enhance email strategy

Email marketing is still going to prove highly effective in 2019, but consider changing up your email designs. The only way it can help you succeed is if you keep it fresh for the New Year. Campaign Monitor details how consumers’ growing mistrust of social media and increasing use of ad blockers are pointing towards email marketing’s continued success in the New Year despite these competitor channels. To capitalize on new advances in AI, Campaign Monitor also suggests segmenting to collect cleaner data.

Tips for maintaining your goals

Here are some helpful tips on how to beat the statistics and keep up with your goals throughout the year.

In with the old, in with the new

Implementing new strategies surrounding cutting-edge technology and new data trends doesn’t mean you should abandon your old ways entirely. Make sure that you’re simultaneously paying attention to your existing marketing methods and practices. Avinash Kaushik of Occam’s Razor advises that “for every $1 invested in chasing a shiny object… invest $10 in sucking less in existing large clusters of your Marketing.”

Putting goals into practice

Kicking off your goals will be the easiest part. Making them last will be the hardest. Get your ideas off the ground and then set milestones for you and your team to check in on progress along your way. Starting with an accountability plan will help make your goals a reality.

Adjust for your team.
Set goals that aren’t just reasonable for yourself, but also for your team. Setting unrealistic goals can do more harm than good, and ultimately demotivate you. Allowing your goal to become your team’s goal will encourage teamwork to get the job done.

Revise, revise.
One reason that your goals might not be holding up is that they’re static. It isn’t cheating to revise your goals and adapt them to your ever-evolving strategy. In fact, revising some of these goals might actually help and motivate you to keep up with them. After all, no one wants to be chasing an unrealistic goal.

And finally, take leaps

Be brave and tackle new ideas in 2019. The power of cleaner data-driven analysis and automated processes can turn wasted time into creative time.

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