Facebook Contests

Is a Facebook Contest Right for Your Business?

Rather than being a one-dimensional and static campaign, Facebook contests allow you to be more engaged with your audience, receive market feedback, capture leads, and build a following. When someone ‘likes’ your page, or participates in your contest, they are tapping into your brand and letting their friends know about your Facebook presence.

5 Ways Facebook Contests Can Boost Brand Engagement

#1 Ask Questions
We know that asking questions is a great way to spur engagement for promoted posts, so what if people are automatically entered to win a prize by commenting? That gives more incentive to engage and improves the cost effectiveness of your promoted posts.

Ex: “It’s been a rough winter season this year. Who has the funniest winter-horror story? Comment and enter to win a trip to Florida this spring break.”

#2 Offer a Giveaway
Enticing a Facebook user to ‘like’ your page can be a feat. Giving potential fans an incentive by offering something desirable is an excellent way to lure in more followers, and in turn, spread content.

Ex: “Like our page for a chance to win a pair of season passes to the Red Claws!”

#3 Create Memorable Content
Test your Facebook fans by quizzing them on the knowledge of your brand. You can make it trivia-focused, or a silly game. Either way, making the content memorable and sharable is key. The point is to engage your fans and make the experience a fun one.

#4 Capture Email Addresses
Grabbing information from your fans is a necessary and worthwhile endeavor. Woobox and other third party hosting sites have sweepstakes options for you to better acquire info from your followers. Fans can input their email addresses to a contact form and seamlessly become apart of the contest.

#5 Ask for Opinions
Another way to collect emails and information from your page’s fans is to hold a vote. By engaging fans in the polls, you are also obtaining their email addresses because votes cannot be submitted without a valid email address.

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