Greetings from: The new normal?

Meet our hybrid workforce

Right now, about 25% of us are in the office every day, 25% are permanently remote (including those that live outside of Maine), and the rest are somewhere in between.

It’s a hybrid model that works – because we’ve made it work. Here’s how:

Clients decide their work model, too

We’ve got some clients that prefer virtual meetings and some that like to meet in person – and we make it all work. We always invite our clients to pop into our office if they want a workspace (and great waterfront restaurant options) for the day, too. We also invite friends and family of iBec to do the same, and we love the collective hum of good work on these days we’ve got a full house.

In-Person Thursdays

Thursdays are currently when we make the special effort to work in the office together. Even if people only want to come in one or two days a week, we encourage this to be the day for the best office collaboration and co-working experience.

After this past year, it’s pretty cool to feel the in-person buzz. With playlists back on the speakers, the smell of espresso in the air, lunch plans happening on-the-fly, and happy hour back on the agenda, Thursday is a fun day of balance in the hybrid mix.

Looking ahead and prepared for anything

We think the world will continue to benefit from this new work model, a silver lining to a tough way to discover it. It allows us all to attract and keep the best talent out there, empowering people to come to work as their best selves. Some of us are most productive from home, while others need the energy of the office, and some of us are a little of both.

We personally feel like it’s important to have fluidity in what this looks like as we move forward – especially since we’ve all seen how much and how quickly things can change. Real life and humans always come first at iBec. With a positive mindset that focuses on future opportunity (not what we’ve lost in change), groundbreaking work is inevitable even in the most uncertain times.

We’ve got a strong team and we’re ready (and optimistic) to help clients with whatever comes next.

How are things going for you? We’d love an inside peek into your current work world. Local or virtual, pick your coffee spot and let’s chat!

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