How to Create a Free Google Analytics Dashboard

We get it. Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to constantly keep up with your website’s data. It’s either too difficult to find what you’re interested in knowing, or you have no idea where to begin. Website metrics are a tricky thing, so to make it a little more simple, let’s create a custom dashboard in Google Analytics that will update you as often as you’d like, with all the metrics you want to know. Follow the steps below to create yours today!
To create a custom dashboard, begin by:

Now it’s time to customize it. You can begin by clicking “Blank Canvas” or the “Starter Dashboard”. The blank canvas option will allow you to completely customize your dashboard with metrics you’d like to view, while the Starter Dashboard is meant for those who simply want a template to see the basic stats for their site.

If you’re interested in knowing exactly what’s going on at various times of the month or year, click on ‘Email’ to customize your preferred email settings and Google Analytics will send your dashboard to you during your chosen times!

Example of a Google Analytics Dashboard

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