How To Make Social Media Work For You

Expanding your business by taking advantage of social media outlets is a free (albeit time-consuming) approach. So this week we are going to give away three quick tips on how to improve your social media content and metrics. Check them out below, and let us know what you think… we love feedback!

3 Ways Social Media Can Work For You

1. Track Social Media Outlets Independently

When it comes to looking into your “social” metrics in Google Analytics, track Twitter “re-tweets” independently from Facebook “likes” to get a grasp on how each medium is performing. Separate out the platforms to find out which medium fits your target audience best. Once your metrics are organized, you can begin to decide whether a “follow” on Instagram is indicative of a potential lead more so, than say, a “like” on Facebook.

2. Create Catered Content

Think about your followers on each social media platform and what they are likely to stop, read, re-tweet, like, or follow. Take Twitter and Facebook for example:

Twitter: Controversial, funny, and surprising posts are most engaging for Twitter users. Content should be witty and “retweetable”. The future Late Night Show Host, Stephan Colbert, writes hysterical tweets that visitors want to share.

Facebook: This is your time to post great photo or video content, in addition to a longer snippet of copy meant to engage your audience. Charity Water is often posting remarkable photos from around the world along with inspiring messages. (*Notice the Shop Now Button on their cover photo).

3. Optimize Your Content For Sharing

What is the purpose of updating your social media if not to bring people directly to your products and site? Make sure that you don’t give everything away in your posts and craft call-to-actions that encourage visitors to migrate to a landing page on your site. This will increase your number of sessions in Google Analytics and encourage visitors to view other services or products you offer.

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