How to Make your Father’s Day Campaign More Inclusive

Around Father’s Day, email inboxes are inundated with sales and promotions for that “perfect Father’s Day gift”. Big brands are catching on that the modern family has changed, and the more inclusive their ads are the better. Here are a few ways you can make your Father’s Day promotions more inclusive for your customers.

1. Don’t assume what dads like and don’t like

It’s easy to conform to gender stereotypes. Don’t assume dads won’t love chocolate, jewelry, or other typically feminized products. There isn’t a definitive line between masculinity and femininity, and a Father’s role is different for every family. Dig deep and don’t be afraid to promote things like self-care, fashion, or arts and crafts – neckties and power tools don’t make the dad.

Cheerios *#How to Dad* commercial.

2. Promote families spending time together vs. selling them your product

The true meaning of Father’s Day is being the best parent you can be. Dads are active cooks and housekeepers, take their kids to soccer practice, and aren’t afraid of emotional moments. Use your brand to tell a story about dads who are strong role models for their kids. Well-known brands have a lot of influence over their customers – take this opportunity to promote fun and loving parents who are engaged in their kids’ lives.

This Father’s Day, Go Ask Dad | Gillette from Jesse Louttit on Vimeo.

Gillette’s *This Father’s Day, Go Ask Dad* commercial.

3. Choose imagery that represents your full audience

It’s important to choose imagery that’s inclusive–whether you’re taking the photos or purchasing stock photography. As we mentioned earlier, the modern family can take a variety of forms. When you’re choosing images for your Father’s Day campaign, be thoughtful about the representation in them.

Dove’s *Caring Makes My Dad, My Hero* commercial.

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