iBec is carbon neutral for the third year in a row

The May 2023 Newsletter — 

For businesses, being carbon-neutral means offsetting all of the greenhouse gasses that are produced as a byproduct of the business. Some businesses utilize more fossil fuels than others, and there are some lesser-known sources (like cement production in the construction industry) that are responsible for emitting carbon. As a B Corp Certified company, iBec Creative is required to calculate and document all sources of greenhouse gasses that result as a part of our operation. For our company, this means heating, lighting, and internet for the office, as well as the commutes of all our employees.

scopes of emissions diagram representing how co2 comes direct from emissions from sources on site

How do we do it? Check out our blog post, How To Be A Carbon Neutral Business to learn just how easy it is to become carbon neutral in business and your personal life!

Go green with your website

The massive data centers that power the Internet are the fastest-growing source of carbon pollution and will eventually bypass all other industries in terms of worldwide pollution. These data centers continuously pull large amounts of energy from their power grids, most of which are powered by carbon-polluting sources.

logo that says green hosting powered by ibec

iBec is committed to addressing this growing problem — the data centers that power our web hosting servers offset 300% of the energy they use with clean, renewable energy put back into the grid. When you host your website with iBec, you can rest assured that your website has a negative carbon footprint and is not contributing to global carbon pollution!

Interested in going green with your website? Let us know!

Newest additions to iBec’s Green Hosting

A round of applause to the following clients that have decided to go green with their websites!


Merroir is an informative forum for home-cooks and seafood enthusiasts to discover the source and handling of the many wonderful seafood products being exported from Coastal Maine to fishmongers and restaurants in Connecticut and Westchester.

screenshot of the merroir homepage featuring the ocean with boats on the water

Check out their website (built by iBec) to discover recipes, locations, and more!

The Levee Biddeford

A community landing in Biddeford, The Levee will incorporate four connected developments built on a peninsula’s end along the Saco River and form a distinctive downtown community for residents, visitors, and neighbors. Inspired by its riverside surroundings, it will be thoughtfully curated to create a vibrant destination complete with modern residential communities, boutique shops, and local dining.

screenshot of the levee homepage featuring a mockup of the building that has a text overlay that says find your landing

Get more information and view current for-sale flats and townhomes at their website (built by iBec).

We’re bringing Heelys back

Remember Heelys? The frequently-banned-from-school-hallways wheeled sneaker that came to fame in the 2000s never really left! You can still purchase your adult-sized pair online at www​.heelys​.com. When word got around to the iBec team that they had launched a $25 mystery sale, we jumped right on it! All you needed to do was let them know your shoe size and they would send you a pair of Heelys. They got dealer’s choice on the style and color of the shoe but interestingly enough, each pair seemed to suit the buyer…

violet smiling and holding up a heelys shoe

“I only fell once!”

- Violet Belléy, Developer

konnor holding up a heelys shoe and smiling

“Best time of my life. Straight up.”

- Konnor Newton, Designer

kes with a heelys shoes balanced upside down on her head with both fingers pointing to it

“Heelys, wheels on shoes, Adventure and freedom, we choose. Gliding, twirling, on sidewalks we roam. Dreams take flight, in Heelys we’re home.” 

- Kes Lavoie, Lead Digital Marketer

jake sitting in a chair, smiling, holding a black heely shoe

“I feel taller with my Heelys on”

- Jake Dombek, Digital Marketer

liz sitting in a chair, smiling and holding up a pink heelys shoe

“It’s always a great day to slay”

- Liz Adley, Content & Social Media Manager

Heelys’ $25 surprise sale has since ended but we’re going to be enjoying this efficient way of getting around the office for months (dare I say years!?) to come. If you want to buy a pair and come join us in our nostalgia, our doors are wide open!

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