It’s Time to Create Your XYZ Statement

What is an XYZ statement?

Developing clear and expertly written copy for a website is one of the greatest decisions you could ever make. Take your homepage for example. Somewhere on this page there should be an XYZ statement that boils down what your company does in about two to three sentences. Your XYZ statement addresses intent of searcher so that they understand they are in the right place. This text should be clearly visible near the top of the page. Having this statement is proven to reduce bounce rate. This statement conveys:

In action

Take Move Bisson’s homepage as example. Their XYZ statement is straightforward and lets the visitor know what services Bisson offers, where they serve, and how they benefit the client. See their XYZ highlighted in the image below:

Located in Westbrook and Brunswick, Maine; Bisson Moving and Storage provides local, long-distance, international, residential, office and commercial moving and storage services from and to nearly anywhere.

Bisson’s XYZ statement is a good example of concise content that every website should have. Now that you have the formula for how to produce one, give it a shot! Or give our digital marketing department a call, and they’ll help you figure out what your XYZ statement should consist of!