Sea Dogs, Hot Dogs, Matt B, Oh My!

The Dog Days of Summer

For most, the “dog days” of summer mean a time to take it easy and laze around in the sun. While you will catch many of us doing that when we’re not designing and developing our hearts out, we celebrated our dog days a little differently: with hot dogs and Sea Dogs! To celebrate the team’s hard work this summer, we enjoyed not only an in-office hot dog lunch (complete with a specialty hot dog toaster!) but we all headed to Hadlock Field where we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Chris Sale (of the Boston Red Sox) pitching up close. Let’s be honest though, we were mostly there for the Sea Dog biscuits and great company. Check out our highlights (including some fun trivia) from the past month below

Our 530th Website Launch: Lebel & Harriman

Since they first started nearly 40 years ago, Lebel & Harriman has become so much more than just an investment firm. A trusted pillar in the community, they are synonymous with doing what’s right for their clients. Naturally, we were thrilled to partner with them for not only a rebrand that will take them into the next 40 years but also with the launch of their new website!

“The shared tenets of always providing advice that is in the best interest of our client and treating people right still guide the firm. These simple ideas remain a hallmark of the Lebel & Harriman culture and experience.”

Whether you are an employer or an individual, head to Lebel & Harriman’s brand new website to get the financial support you need! (And check out some iBec original work).

Non-Profit Spotlight: Community Organizing Alliance

This month we were proud to partner with Community Organizing Alliance (COA) to define their brand, develop a logo, and launch their new website. COA is a “social justice, civic engagement organization that centers the voices and experiences of BIPOC & low-income Mainers to ensure they are empowered and engaged in their communities.”

Their mission: “Investing in people to enable them to shape and change the landscape of their community“
Their vision: “We envision and aspire to create an inclusive democracy where all individuals regardless of nationality and background are included, heard, and empowered.”

Head to the Community Organizing Alliance website to donate or learn about the Listening, Education, and Organizing (L.E.O) Program and how you can help them achieve their 2022 goal.

The Work Doesn’t Stop at B‑Corp Certification

Given that we’ve been loud and proud about it, you may have heard that we are now officially B‑Corp Certified! If you’re familiar with what that means, you’ll know that obtaining certification doesn’t mean it’s time to kick back and relax. In order to maintain our certification (and because we’re passionate about doing right by our community), we will continue to stay involved in purposeful volunteer efforts.

Here are just a couple of the organizations that we’ve donated our time to recently:

If You Were Matt B, How Many Matt B’s Would You See

We’re no strangers to a little fun every now and then in the iBec office (that includes our virtual office too). Especially when it means we get to flex our creative muscles AND celebrate one of our most tenured employees. How many Matt B’s can you spot in this picture? (Hint: Zoom in)

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