We love our home a lot, and we’re passionate about helping our state thrive. 

We create fulfilling careers for the people that want to be here, and we invest in our community to put Maine on the map as a nationally recognized hub of digital prowess and creativity.

Here’s how we show up for Maine. 

We spread what we know:

At 22 years old, our Founder and CEO, Becky McKinnell, started iBec Creative the day after graduating from the University of Southern Maine in 2006. Her realization that there’s no right age to start a business is now a TEDxTalk that continues to inspire local students — and us. 

She (and we) have learned a lot since we opened our agency doors, but our biggest lesson is that we’re a stronger state when we’re connected with our fellow Maine entrepreneurs, students, and our collective business community. 

Each year, iBec Creative hosts The Northeast Ecommerce Summit. As an exclusive (and free) event, we showcase New England’s best brands who are passionate about the quality of their products and are committed to delivering an outstanding omnichannel customer experience. 

We’re also actively involved in local organizations we’re proud of. Becky is on the University of Southern Maine Foundation Board of Directors, and also on the Board of Maine Center for Entrepreneurs. Matthew A. K. Smith, our Design Lead, is on the Communications & New Media Studies advisory board at Southern Maine Community College. We also regularly welcome high school students into the agency for job shadowing.

Currently, we’re directly involved in helping drive the B Corp movement here in Maine, from legislative advocacy to public panel discussions. 

We support what we believe in:

Purpose drives everything we do.

Each year, we participate in the GSB (Gorham Savings Bank) LaunchPad small business competition. As part of the grand prize, we award the winner $2,000 worth of in-kind business and marketing services, contributing to the total of $10,000 combined with other agencies. 

This award was never as important as it was in 2020 when the pandemic crisis threatened many Maine businesses, and validated the critical need to have a strong online presence. Because of this, we also donated three digital aid packages, each giving 20 hours of free work to people that needed it. 

Our impact goes well beyond the pandemic, too. Whether it’s taking advantage of our quarterly Corporate Matching Program to support important 501c3 non-profit organizations, or joining us on our regular Trash Walks to clean up local neighborhoods, we take action for change.

We put our money where it counts:

 “Support local” isn’t a catchphrase for us; it’s a way of life. 

When we’re not having fun in our downtown Portland office (with epic playlists!), we’re exploring Maine on the coast, at the mountains, and on the slopes. 

We’re enthusiastically dedicated to supporting our Maine businesses and brands every chance we get. We’re proud to have a commitment to serve at least 75% local and independent clients or customers. (And that always includes our clients’ amazing products and services!). 

After these past couple years, our purpose to help our neighbors has never been so clear. Our local businesses needed to be online to survive, but we wanted more for them. We’re dedicated to helping Maine businesses thrive online, now and in the future. 

Do you also embrace our commitment to help local businesses thrive here in Maine? As passionate advocates and/or state ambassadors, we are unapologetic in our love for this state. That’s why we look for candidates that share this devotion. We create the best websites for our neighbors, and we also show up to support our fellow entrepreneurs. Not all work is hard, though. Ask anyone on our team how it feels to enjoy local fried clams and a craft beer to support our community. It’s a beautiful thing to work in Maine, especially with our amazing crew. Join us.


P.s. You don’t need to be in Maine to work with us

But, you can have some lobster with us when you visit!

Whether you’re a local neighbor that wants to have coffee to chat about a collaboration, or you’re from afar but can tell we’re the right partner for your brand, we can’t wait to hear from you.