We’re empowering the changes we want to see

iBec Creative is dedicated to empowering our clients, our team, and our world for what could be, untethered to the “norm” of what’s been done before. 

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We’re B Corporation Certified

Being a Certified B Corporation means we’ve achieved the highest bar of validation to prove that we’re making a real impact. Join us in B Corporation Certification! We encourage any business, no matter the industry, to consider certifying. Learn about the process here.

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Acting Locally for a Healthy Global Environment

We love our state, and we actively help Maine keep its promise to be “the way life should be.” We provide a $50 donation per employee to any 501c3 (a legal non-profit) Maine organization that falls into our team-approved quarterly categories. We believe if we act locally, we can help create a healthy global environment.

We also host The Northeast Ecommerce Summit for local entrepreneurs, we’re involved in many local organizations, we donate our professional services, we support local businesses, and we give back to our community every chance we get. 

Here’s our 2024 Corporate Matching Program calendar: 

Support Maine’s underserved and disadvantaged communities

A seemingly small gesture can be the biggest change of someone else’s life.

Fight Maine climate change

There are so many ways we can make Earth a more sustainable home for all living things for many future generations to come, and we keep (thankfully) finding more.

Save Maine Waters

The ocean gives our planet life, yet the world doesn’t fully appreciate the fragility of this gift. Humans have inflicted devastating impacts to this ecosystem, but we can all become advocates for our waters.

Social justice activism in Maine

We now know that “thinking and feeling” about diversity, equity, and inclusion are no longer enough. We all need to act.

Our Green Initiative

We became a carbon-neutral company in 2020, minimizing our company’s negative impact on the environment. Whether it’s green products, donations, minimizing plastic use, recycling, office composting, or lifestyle habits, we love finding new ways to help the planet. 

If this is also a mission for you, we have plenty of Green Resources that can help strengthen your own impact. Interested in hosting your website with iBec Creative? We now offer carbon-neutral website hosting. You can also read up on how to make your business carbon-neutral. (Spoiler alert: It’s easier than you think!)


How else do we prove our mission?

By the work we’ve done, and through the great work we’re about to do together. If you’re looking to bring purpose to the forefront of your brand, we’d love to talk.