We’re individuals in who we are and the specialities we offer, but we’re a team when it comes to your success.

Headshot of Becky McKinnell
Becky McKinnellFounder & CEO

Becky McKinnell

Founder & CEO

Ah, what can we say about Becky? Obviously, nothing bad because she owns the place. Fortunately, there’s an abundance of good stuff to say about her. She’s open and honest with her clients and employees. She cares for clients as if it is her own business. But her most admirable quality is great leadership. Becky accomplishes this by creating a work environment that encourages people to do what they do best. She sets the tone, and the tone is kind, tolerant, positive and motivating. The result: a fun, productive culture and a happy team. Besides, you know you have a great boss when she’s the one who brings (and actually grows) the oysters for the office happy hour.

Headshot of Liz Adley
Liz AdleySocial Media & Content Marketer

Liz Adley

Social Media & Content Marketer

Have you ever met someone who is so effortlessly good at something that you’re not quite sure that they’re human like the rest of us? That’s Liz. Although we may use the lizard emoji when we’re congratulating her (constant) wins in Slack, we know she’s actually a wizard. A more accurate name would be Liz the Social Media Wiz because the limits of the magic she can perform in the realm of social media and content does not exist. She can do it all! From influencer coordination to content creation, social posts, and strategy to analytics and advertising, she’s always using her experienced eye and innovative brain to use social media as a tool for growing our client’s businesses. If you were wondering how Liz has any time to do anything else, so are we! Somehow she still finds time to host her own podcast about navigating your twenties, Party’s Over Podcast. And if THAT wasn’t enough, you can also catch her throwing 360s on her skis, grabbing her racquet to work on her serve, or jamming to Taylor Swift. All with perfect nails.

Headshot of Morgan Applebee
Morgan ApplebeeDigital Project Manager

Morgan Applebee

Digital Project Manager

What would life at iBec be like without Morgan’s ability to see the big picture, plus every detail for every project? The common consensus is somebody would likely commit Hari-kari, or simply melt down in their workspace, Wicked Witch of the North style. Luckily, Morgan is here, helping iBec run as smooth as pistons in a Ferrari. When Morgan is on a project, you never have to wonder—there is calm, like the eye in a hurricane. Maybe it’s because she practices Yoga. (Her favorite Asana: being in a position to help our clients succeed.) Or that she’s a driven Capricorn.

Like a fairy godmother to clients, she makes sure all their wishes come true, working tirelessly to make sure no detail is overlooked, and that nothing falls through the cracks. Always thinking 10 steps ahead, Morgan keeps projects on track and on budget, makes a point of getting to know our clients’ preferences and passions, and keeps them happy with timely, clear, communication. Then there’s the other Morgan—the adventurous soul who’s driving across the country, communing with nature, making friends with chipmunks, working in a Spa, or hiking in the woods despite herself-admitted lack of direction.

Headshot of Matt Belair
Matt BelairCOO

Matt Belair


Matt runs like a cheetah chasing an antelope. He keeps a replica of his running shoes on his desk to remind him of his ultra marathon goals. Wearing many hats, he takes on the tough jobs, and is a great team leader. A Slack “boss,” Matt sees the big picture, and can communicate effective paths forward. Without his logistics expertise, we’d be in for it. He’s the one who makes sure everything behind the scenes is running smoothly, and why every customer is experiencing a great website interaction. Plus, you have to respect a guy who practices with the Red Sox, appreciates craft beer, and can play the Power Rangers theme song on guitar.

Headshot of Violet Belléy
Violet BelléyWeb Developer

Violet Belléy

Web Developer

Don’t be fooled by Violet’s sweet, innocent smile. She is a bad-ass, a Sludge Metal fan (she loves slow, heavy guitar riffs) — rumor has it that instead of a mattress, she sleeps hanging upside-down like a bat, and she may have some black-magic stuff lying around, too. Okay, so maybe some of this isn’t true, except the Sludge Metal bad-ass part. What we do know is that Violet is known for getting things done, with an action-oriented attitude and attention to detail that is unmatched. She’s also a talented artist, which lends a distinct character to her work; think left and right brain teaming up in the best way possible, a happy marriage of art and development skills that results in stunning layouts our clients dig. But there’s also a softer side to Violet—she has a toy poodle named Moose, likes the color teal, and loves sailing. But most of all, she loves wombats. Don’t we all?

Headshot of Sean Brousseau
Sean BrousseauDevelopment Lead

Sean Brousseau

Development Lead

We’re not sure when Sean gets to work. For all we know he never left. The only certainty is, he’ll be here before everyone else. His disc golf ethic is even more impressive. Rain. Blizzard. Ice storm. He’s still playing. He plays bass, too. Which means he’s holding the band together. Here at iBec, he’s been called a Drupal guru who figures out the tough stuff, one who comes to the rescue when issues arise. Maybe he’s holding the band together here, too.

Headshot of Jake Dombek
Jake DombekDigital Marketer

Jake Dombek

Digital Marketer

You know that feeling when you find a hidden gem of a Netflix show? That’s the same feeling you get when Jake is on your project! He’s the ultimate crafter of campaigns. The maestro of marketing. A virtuoso of video creation! There is no challenge he isn’t willing to tackle. Whether it’s putting together an advertising strategy that will drive ROI or lacing up those running shoes to train for a marathon, Jake is ready for the adventure. iBec’s very own Bear Grylls, on the weekends you can find him trekking through stunning landscapes; sometimes in hiking boots, sometimes on skis. The only footwear he can’t master? Heelys. But with his innate curiosity and infectious positive attitude, of course he was willing to try! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to give Jake a challenge. Because for him no mission is impossible. Except Heelys.

Headshot of Jen MacLeod
Jen MacLeodOffice & Culture Manager

Jen MacLeod

Office & Culture Manager

Jen’s the glue that holds everything together at iBec—that crucial person who never lets anything fall through the cracks. A master of all trades, Jen is why our office is well organized, why things run smoothly so everyone can do their best work, and why clients and visitors feel welcome and comfortable when they drop by—she’s the friendly face of iBec. What’s more, there isn’t a ball of cords she can’t untangle. But wait, there’s more—Jen is not only a rock star at work, but literally one outside work, too: she’s a seasoned singer who has performed in musical theater productions and special events and is also a guest singer with Motor Booty Affair. Yep, the girl’s got funk & soul in her bones—very useful for keeping things moving.

Headshot of Nate McCraven
Nate McCravenDirector of Business Development

Nate McCraven

Director of Business Development

Want to hear a good ghost story? Call Nate. Want to see insane Crossfit and surfing skills? See Nate in his spare time. Want to grow your business? You guessed it: Nate. Nate is a like a compact supernova with a limitless supply of energy to cultivate positive, mutually beneficial client relationships. As an ambassador for our values and abilities, Nate serves as a bridge between our clients’ visions of success and how iBec gets them there. During his downtime, you can find Nate enjoying a good podcast or researching quirky new projects like boat restoration to keep the weekends interesting!

Headshot of Konnor Newton
Konnor NewtonDesigner

Konnor Newton


If there’s one thing we know about Konnor, it’s that there’s only one. Unique and creative to the core, he is a perfect example of the adage “you can’t judge a book by its cover”. Don’t let the mustache, pit vipers, and EPIC t‑shirts fool you. His personal style may be retro but his designs bring our client’s brands into the future! Step into the iBec office and not only will you be graced by his upbeat attitude but you’ll be treated to his eclectic music taste. You can catch him jamming to some aggro-experimental just as often as singing along to a country banger. Looking to see something out of this world? Take a peek at his monitor. He’s sure to be concocting something fresh and exciting. Whether it’s crisp, new brand assets or an original web page design (or the latest custom emoji in Slack) you can feel good knowing Konnor’s contributing his creative genius to the task at hand. What’s the secret to all his success? Our best guess: Obscure off-brand Greek soups and a fridge full of Miller Lite.

Headshot of Kes Lavoie
Kes LavoieDigital Marketing Manager

Kes Lavoie

Digital Marketing Manager

There’s never a dull day in Kes Lavoie’s world. Maybe it’s the T‑Rex skeleton she shares her apartment with, or her underground tattoo studio. Or maybe it’s seeing her neighbor on TV—on America’s Most Wanted. And now that Kes has joined us, there’s never a dull day at iBec either. Kes is a kind of live wire that keeps our workplace camaraderie fully energized as we watch her do her thing—which is everything, from slaying digital campaigns to never-ending servings of fresh, engaging copy, to iconic social post designs and being clutch in crunch time. Beyond being a digital marketing superstar, Kes is an up-and-coming influencer as well. She has a knack for connecting with clients in a way that builds trust, and is ready to answer even the most random of questions with sincerity and thoughtful feedback—often fueled by the unlimited breadstick and salad lunch special at Olive Garden. An inquisitive learner, Kes is always looking to gain new knowledge and skills, and brings an open-minded, tech-forward, perspective to iBec. You should also know that Kes’ dinosaur tattoos sport tattoos of herself—a kind of parallel universe thing. This says a lot about Kes—beyond the intoxicating charm of this, it’s a clear sign of a person who gets the idea of equality.

Headshot of Chelsea Pullan
Chelsea PullanDirector of Operations

Chelsea Pullan

Director of Operations

You know someone rocks when they have a bowling name. Chelsea bowls. Yep, she’s in a league, with her own polished ball, the whole nine yards. At iBec, she’s in a league of her own, keeping projects on track and on budget, ensuring that messaging, products, and branding are all clear, and providing white-glove service for every client. Cool, confident, and feisty (the thing about her we love most), she’s a true team player with solid skills—a Google-certified digital marketer to name just one–and brings her A game to anything and everything.

Scrum Certified Product Owner

Headshot of Matt A. K. Smith
Matt A. K. SmithDesign Lead

Matt A. K. Smith

Design Lead

You can’t put your finger on it—you love your website’s functionality and design—but there’s some other quality to it that’s making it super appealing, and you can’t look away. That “je ne sais quoi” quality is actually Matt— who lives and breathes web design. The mark of his sites: serious CSS chops, lightning-fast loading intuitive usability, beautiful design, and a little thinking outside the box. We actually thought Matt was a robot (maybe because he sometimes plays robot music on the office speaker) until his daughter showed up and drew pictures for all of us.

Headshot of Rayna Winters
Rayna WintersSenior Web Developer

Rayna Winters

Senior Web Developer

Rayna works her web-wizardry each day like it’s nothing. She has started and sold a company, no big deal. We see a pattern here: Rayna’s humility—one of those refreshing qualities you wish everyone had. So you’re not likely to hear her going on about her prowess at forging beautifully organized code, or touting her attention to detail, her ability to drop code cross-platform into the wild, or listening skills that help us to consistently nail clients’ needs. But you will hear her colleague’s unequivocal praise for her rock-solid development skills, (She did study geology, after all), and de rigueur Quality Assurance. Nothing gets past her watchful eye — Rayna will spot bugs before anyone else notices, ensuring that our clients enjoy bug-free, fast websites across all browsers and experiences. Rayna facts: She is an amazing artist, She runs her own D&D campaigns, knows cool board games, loves moths and rocks, and has a clever sense of humor.

A collage of iBec team members having fun at iBec camp in 2022
Four iBec team members holding ears of corn while dabbing. They are standing in a lush green forest with adirondak chairs behind them

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