Embracing the values we care about most.

When we started in 2006, we were unique in the skills that we brought to Portland’s businesses. We’ve experienced a lot in our time and we’ve helped hundreds of brands thrive online.

Picture of Fort Williams being displayed on a white laptop
iBec Owner Becky McKinnel

Becky McKinnell, our Founder and CEO, had a clear vision for a different kind of company at just 22 years old. Fueled by her passion for purpose, she transformed her senior project at the University of Southern Maine into iBec Creative, introducing it to the world the day after graduating college in 2006.

Becky knew she needed a team like no other to be a different kind of agency, and we’re proud to be her proof. Today, we’re a passionate team of developers, designers, marketers, strategists, and problem solvers that love to break molds. We’re dedicated to empowering our clients, our team, and our world.

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What We Embrace

Hands watering the earth with the text "Purpose."

Purpose drives everything we do. First and foremost, we’re dedicated to our clients’ purpose – wholeheartedly invested in their mission and their goals. Our most important job is helping our clients thrive, and it’s why we’re excited to wake up every morning. We’re happy to be at work because that’s our purpose, too. We create a safe and happy place where we can all be our true selves while we’re dedicated to helping our clients fulfill their greatest potential. We also feel a deep responsibility to do right by this world and create real change that impacts us all – from environmental sustainability to a more equitable, accessible and inclusive society. Fueled by creating good for our clients, our company, and our world – our purpose is to create a meaningful footprint in the places that matter most.

Two hands with pinky's locked next to a bell with the text "Heart."

It’s a beautiful thing to be human. We’re all so uniquely different – and to us – that’s a wonderful thing. We connect deeply with our clients – genuinely curious about who they are, what they do, and where they want to go. Putting our hearts into every project we take on, we help clients with their biggest (sometimes, seemingly out of reach) goals and turn them into reality. But it’s not just about the final wins – it’s about how we get there. Respect, empathy, patience, listening, and understanding – things that come from the heart – are what bring our clients to where they dream to be.

Hands with bricks and mockups floating between them with the text "Teamwork."

There’s no team quite like ours – and we’re so proud to own this truth. We don’t just say that “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work” here – we prove it. We’re a crew of real and good people that love to collaborate for our clients, and with our clients. We’ll always come to the table with open ears, transparency, and clear communication – making sure we all feel like we’re on the same page. While client victories are a big part of what we do – a true team is the real win. We find beauty in teamwork – deeply respecting and learning from each other’s different viewpoints, finding joy as a group working toward the same goals, and showing up with positivity even on the most challenging days. When you’re on our team, we’re in this together, and we’ve always got your back.

A floating castle with the text "Creativity."

We’re a bit like a kaleidoscope here – just a small turn of the wrist and you’ll see a whole new brilliant image come into focus. Within our walls, we all have so many uniquely different specialties – and it’s a gift to our clients that want a certain style – but may not even be sure what it could be. That’s where we come in, using our skills and our intuition to free our creative wizards. In unleashing and unlocking these wizards, we help our clients find the truest ways to shine – and it’s an amazing thing to watch unfold into such exciting (and often, unexpected) ways.

A door way in front of brown mountains and space with the text "The Unknown."

It can be thrilling to set forth on an adventure without a destination. While we work with many clients that have clear goalposts, we also appreciate the journeys that don’t have blueprints yet. We come alive discovering new things! Whether it’s experimenting with new technologies, trying something completely uncharted, or discovering totally out-of-the-box ways to look at something under a new lens, we love taking adventures with our clients. While the unknown can seem scary – why should it? We’re confident we’ll always figure it out. It’s not only good to take risks, but sometimes it’s the only way to move forward. With our purpose to do right by our clients, our company, and our world as our compass – our dedication to create meaningful change will always get us to exactly where we need to be.

We Also Value Shrimp And Parties

We’re the kind of crew that actually loves coming to our office, which might make us a little retro in this world, but we’re a collaborative team that’s strongest when we’re together. Plus, even the hardest work seems fun in our downtown Portland, Maine, office. We’ve got the best playlists around, visiting dogs, a legendary snack box that’s nothing short of Christmas morning when it’s restocked, and lots of office shrimp. Yes, shrimp is a serious thing here – and so are our parties when we hang outside of the office. We also have an office bell that we ring when we have something to celebrate. Over the years, we’ve certainly had lots of chimes for our team, but the loudest rings have been for our clients’ site launches, new campaigns, and milestones crossed. We thrive when they succeed, and it’s the best kind of inspiration here at iBec Creative.