Press Release: iBec Creative launches carbon-neutral website hosting option

The exponential growth of the Internet has led to a rapid increase of massive data centers, which are critical to its operation. However, these data centers are emerging as a significant contributor to the global carbon footprint, with the potential to surpass all other industries in terms of environmental impact. The continuous and intensive energy demands of these data centers strain power grids, many of which still rely on carbon-intensive sources. As a result, urgent action is required to address this issue and find sustainable solutions to power the digital infrastructure that drives our modern world.

To combat this carbon pollution, iBec Creative has officially launched our green hosting platform, a content delivery network (CDN) that offsets 300 percent of the energy used by data centers with clean, renewable energy that is put back into the grid. This CDN is not only kinder to the environment, but it also increases page load speed as well as reduces bandwidth usage and malicious bot traffic.

To read the full press release, head to Bangor Daily News!

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