5 Signs it’s Time for a Redesign

Is a Redesign in Order?

Redesigning a website can feel like a massive project. However, more often than not your website’s lack of appeal is what is driving your sales into the ground. If visitors aren’t staying for very long, they probably don’t find your site useful in one way or another. Maybe your information is old, loading time is too long, branding feels outdated, content isn’t mobile-friendly, and/or a flood of other reasons. Below we’ve boiled down the 5 red flags that indicate it’s time for a redesign and the reasoning behind each one.

If… Then…

1. If traffic to your site is dismal…
If your site’s rankings appear low, it’s probably time for a change. SEO is vital to maintaining your presence as a functioning and searchable site. If your website cannot accommodate the information architecture necessary for solid SEO, then it may be time for a new one. Tools like Google’s Webmaster Tools can help you implement data tracking, but the architecture behind the site needs to accommodate for content change, and in turn, superior SEO. Although SEO requires some occasional housekeeping, better chances for leads and top rankings are both worth it in the long run.

2. If your site isn’t compatible on a mobile device…
We all know that searching has made a drastic transition in the past decade from desktop to mobile. Therefore, your site should be able to handle a variety of mobile devices. Visitors will want to find your site’s information quickly so it’s essential that your site is compatible with every gadget in effort to give the consumer what they want to know (or purchase) in a time-effective manner. Trying to let the desktop version of your site pass for mobile isn’t going to fly for 2015!

3. If it’s flat out slow to load…
Waiting around for a site to load is both aggravating and detrimental to your visitors and business. You could have all the information a visitor wants, but if your site isn’t loading quickly, the visitor may get fed up and quit his/her search. That could translate to a serious ouch for your business! Testing your site’s loading time should be a regular chore (both mobile and desktop; test it here.

4. If your brand message has changed or evolved…
Keeping your brand and messages in concert throughout your traditional and digital media outlets is vital. Consistency is key, and although it may be hard to keep track of at times, it’s critical that your messages remain consistent on your webpage. Old information will not only date your company, but it will also confuse visitors and may hurt your bottom line.

5 If your social media outlets aren’t incorporated into your site…
Similar to the branding statement above, it is important to add all your social media outlets to your site to make sure that your content can be found in one space. Additionally, if you want to add e‑commerce or forum spaces, consider approaching these additions with caution as you don’t want them to look like afterthoughts.

Curious about what a redesign would look like for you?

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