5 Signs Your Website Needs to be Redesigned.

The internet is constantly changing, and with the changes websites also need to stay current. What might have been a spectacular website 12 or 18 months ago can become outdated and a liability if you don’t invest the time to stay current with trends.

Here are 5 Signs Your Website Needs to be Redesigned:

You Don’t Have a Content Management System (CMS).

Do you have to submit a ticket to your IT department to make a content change? Maybe you need to wait weeks for your website designer to upload new content. All of this could be costing your company money, whereas if you had a content management system in place you would have full control, saving you both time and money.

Mobile Responsiveness.

Do you know what your website looks like on mobile devices and tablets? Having a website that is easy to use on all devices ensures that you don’t lose customers because they can’t navigate your site from their chosen method.

Search Engines Are No Longer Driving Traffic to It.

We’ve all heard the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but what does it do? SEO is not a one and done task with websites, it is ever changing, as Google and other search engines change their algorithms. Your website needs to be updated to match what the search engines are hunting for.

Content Isn’t Updated or Lacks Value.

Does your website have the same content it did 12 months ago? Do you have a blog? What about video? Potential customers want to be enticed to return; if they don’t see the value in your content the first time, they mostly likely will not return. Repeat visitors happen because there is new information for them to see.

You’ve Changed Your Brand Or Simply Outgrown It.

Companies evolve and priorities change, your website should reflect where you are today. It’s wonderful to add new content, but if you are just tacking it on and adding pages everywhere, customers may have a hard time locating the content that pertains to them. You want to make sure your website is a valuable asset and not harming your online reputation.

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