Social Media in a Changing World

More great content is being created

There is no doubt about it–there has been an increase in great content that users and businesses are putting out on social media amidst COVID-19. Users are plugged in longer than they have ever been due to social distancing and shutdowns. Social media is a great way to connect with your audience and offer up some entertainment during these trying times. Here’s what your business can do to make the most of utilizing social platforms.

Consider going LIVE
This is a popular option on Instagram and Facebook. This gives your audience a chance to connect with you in real-time and accounts that go LIVE get pushed to the front of your follower’s stories. You can even set up a countdown sticker to notify your audience of when you will be going LIVE so that they can prepare and make time to view your live session. Instagram now has a Questions LIVE feature that allows users to ask questions and then see them answered live!

Video Content
Video Content was already a trend we were seeing for 2020 but it has skyrocketed since COVID-19. Video content is a great way to maximize your reach, so it’s important to have a video content strategy. Some video content ideas are:

Example Camp4Collective:

Camp 4 Collective Half In Half Out Shots

Interactive Content
Interactive content on Social media is more effective than static content. Interactive content allows you to connect with the audience while educating them on your brand. This could be in the form of a poll, quiz, shoppable post and AR.

Example Rothy’s:

Rothy's and Tom's Poll Examples

Provide Unique Experience
What can your account provide that is unique and valuable in the moment? How can you bring a bit of joy to your audience during this tough time? Messages of unity can go a long way and make your brand unforgettable. Your audience is craving entertainment and possibly some humor to get through these tough times. So make authentic content that will make them smile. Consider offering specials and at-home packages if relevant like the example below!

Example: Rooted NYC:

Rooted NYC Social Distancing Plant Collections

Give Back
How can your company help those in need? Consider a giveaway or contest. Users are connected and looking for interaction and it’s a great way to give support to your community and connect with users who will appreciate your actions.

Get Back
Facebook is offering grants to small businesses. Facebook will reveal more information on this in the upcoming weeks but they are accepting applications that will help small businesses advertise during this time. Here’s the link: Facebook Grants for Small Business:


Influencers are becoming more powerful than ever as everyone is plugging in to social content during COVID19. Users are turning to social media to seek real information from people they know or trust. Content Creators are now becoming a larger source for entertainment and information.

Influencer Collaboration Examples

Content Creators are finding unique ways to express and produce content in their niche, even when it has been compromised by COVID19. Food Influencers are now making at home meals and sharing recipes they are making. Beauty Influencers are sharing their skincare routines and taking time to explain what products they use in informative personal ways. Users are getting insights into how influencers are coping with COVID 19 and using them to inspire their own choices during this pandemic. Consider partnering with a creator in your brand’s niche to gain reach and credibility.

Use your social account to bring people together

Don’t forget–two heads are better than one! During these trying times let’s join forces so that we can come out stronger on the other side. Consider partnering with an influencer or another brand to share networks. There is a strong theme of community woven throughout social feeds that are making a big difference. We’re all in this together!

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