Social Media Management

Going through the motions on social and not going anywhere? From social presence management to influencer strategy ad social analytics, we can help you make your social interactions count.

Why do people follow brands on social media?


A lovely photo, an enticing recipe, a summit with an incredible view — content that inspires us to do something new.


Content is (still) king. Genuinely helpful tips and insights are worth following.

Insider info

Product development, behind-the-scenes looks, early access, news.

Familiarity & Significance

Can we reach out and really connect with a brand we love and get them to love us back?


Some people we follow just for fun–humor and levity win us over.

Truly engaging content

We follow friends on social media because we want to be connected, know what they’re up to and stay in touch. The same is true for brands.

Following a brand is a way to stay connected with that brand and informed about their story and products. Unlike subscribing to a company’s catalog, an Instagram follower isn’t looking for sales content–they want connection and they want to interact with you and for you to interact with them.

As far as top of funnel marketing tactics go, an engaged social following is one of the better ways to build and retain an engaged audience of potential buyers. They may not all follow you because they intend to purchase, but the exposure to your brand and the addition of each follower gives you ongoing access to free marketing impressions that will pay off over time by keeping you top-of-mind and turning your most engaged followers into free brand ambassadors.

More participation = more love

Just like showing up at a networking event, just being there isn’t enough, you have to get up and connect.

Social media magic happens when people are commenting on your photos and you comment back, so we take the time to respond. We follow similar brands and other players in your market with a similar audience and give them love too, comment on their posts, like their posts, engage in the community.

Pre-scheduling content can be a big help to a business owner, but it’s also important to weave in timely organic content that responds to current events, weather, etc, and when we manage a client’s social presence we take that on, living and breathing in your social sphere so that your community always access to your brand.

Influencer Marketing

Followers look to influencers for guidance the way people used to look to magazines and newspapers, but just as you would be less interested in a magazine’s ads than its editorial content, an influencers’ sway is less valuable if it is clear that they are sponsored and benefiting from recommending your product.

When we work with influencers we have a clear budget, goals and start small. Each influencer is different and has a unique audience; you may get a great response from one’s audience and not another. Make sure expectations are clear.

Using data to do it better

Imagine showing up to a cocktail party and being able to measure the response to your outfit, what you said and even what time you arrived? With social media that is not only possible but critical for quickly growing your following and maximizing engagement. We track everything from the types of posts that generate the most engagement to what time of day gets the best response. We will regularly analyze your audience and look for patterns in interests, likes and what content works best for boosting engagement. The world of social media is ever-changing and monthly (even daily) analytics are the key to unlocking success.


When you work with us, your success comes first. Let’s do great things together.