Konnor Newton

If there’s one thing we know about Konnor, it’s that there’s only one. Unique and creative to the core, he is a perfect example of the adage “you can’t judge a book by its cover”. Don’t let the mustache, pit vipers, and EPIC t‑shirts fool you. His personal style may be retro but his designs bring our client’s brands into the future! Step into the iBec office and not only will you be graced by his upbeat attitude but you’ll be treated to his eclectic music taste. You can catch him jamming to some aggro-experimental just as often as singing along to a country banger. Looking to see something out of this world? Take a peek at his monitor. He’s sure to be concocting something fresh and exciting. Whether it’s crisp, new brand assets or an original web page design (or the latest custom emoji in Slack) you can feel good knowing Konnor’s contributing his creative genius to the task at hand. What’s the secret to all his success? Our best guess: Obscure off-brand Greek soups and a fridge full of Miller Lite.

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