Morgan Applebee

What would life at iBec be like without Morgan’s ability to see the big picture, plus every detail for every project? The common consensus is somebody would likely commit Hari-kari, or simply melt down in their workspace, Wicked Witch of the North style. Luckily, Morgan is here, helping iBec run as smooth as pistons in a Ferrari. When Morgan is on a project, you never have to wonder—there is calm, like the eye in a hurricane. Maybe it’s because she practices Yoga. (Her favorite Asana: being in a position to help our clients succeed.) Or that she’s a driven Capricorn.

Like a fairy godmother to clients, she makes sure all their wishes come true, working tirelessly to make sure no detail is overlooked, and that nothing falls through the cracks. Always thinking 10 steps ahead, Morgan keeps projects on track and on budget, makes a point of getting to know our clients’ preferences and passions, and keeps them happy with timely, clear, communication. Then there’s the other Morgan—the adventurous soul who’s driving across the country, communing with nature, making friends with chipmunks, working in a Spa, or hiking in the woods despite herself-admitted lack of direction.

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