Ross Webber

Does anyone have the rapper Pitbull’s number? Because we would like to petition for a take over of the nickname, “Mr. Worldwide” for our superstar Project Manager, Ross Webber. He was born in the U.K., lives in the U.S., and has a French bulldog, Maisie, who (when we’re lucky) will make guest appearances on Zoom. He’s the international man you go to when you need an organized project plan! Keeping one eye on project deliverables and the other on milestones, Ross is always keeping clients up to date and informed on where the project is at. If our clients don’t enter a meeting with Ross immediately enamored by his soccer jersey of the day, they’ll soon be swept off their feet by his razor sharp wit, sunny outlook, and keen project management methodologies. Fueled by a daily dose of beans on toast, he is driven by a true passion for helping our clients succeed no matter the task at hand. With locks as long as his, one begins to wonder… does Rapunzel ask HIM to let down HIS hair?