4 Ways to Add Personality to your Website

Face it: Your website is a mirror of your business. I recently read a stat in “YOUtility” by Jay Baer that customers have made 60% of their purchasing decision on your website before they choose to talk to you. That’s huge!

Here are 4 tips for integrating your corporate personality on your website:

1. Add video to convey the atmosphere 
of your office/studio/store

One example I love to share with clients is from an ad agency in Brooklyn: Carrot Creative. Their corporate video on their About page really shows ‘what it’s like’ to be in their office and gives you a flavor of their working style without distracting music or words).


2. Swap out your stock photos for 
a professional photoshoot

I also really like the environmental photos of the lawyers at Pace Law. Combining full screen photos along with a brand statement gives you a sense of their team and the types of clients that they align best with. 


3. Add personality in unexpected places

HighTail, a filesharing software, adds their voice in unexpected places (this screenshot is from their website footer)

4. Humanize your voice

One of our clients, Dogs at Work, handles this really creatively with a Mad-Libs-style contact form. It’s creative (like they are) and it starts the sales process early by helping their team prep with ideas for their initial inquiry call.


Let us help you brainstorm ideas! We believe in you!

(photo courtesy of strong church)