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January 2023 Newsletter -

This year, instead of sending gift boxes to our clients, we chose to donate both money and materials to Cultivating Community. Their mission is to “grow sustainable communities by expanding access to healthy, local food; empowering children, youth, and adults to play diverse roles in restoring the local, sustainable food systems; and modeling, teaching, and advocating for ecological food production.”

Want an inside look at Jen, our office manager, gathering items on their wishlist to donate? Head to our TikTok page!

screenshot of a tiktok video showing jen walking through a hardware store with shelves filled with supplies

Interested in doing more with Cultivating Community? Head to their website to learn more about volunteering, interning, donating, and employment opportunities!

✨ Doing ✨ makes a difference

B Corp or not, iBec is a team that cares about making a difference in the community around us. This past month our team volunteered for two great causes:

Toys For Tots

The Toys For Tots Foundation is responsible for organizing toy donation opportunities, collecting those donations, and distributing the toys to communities in need.

Toys for Tots logo showing a drawing of a red train with two train cars and an engine

Since beginning operations in 1948, Toys For Tots has distributed over 627 million toys to 281 million children in need! Interested in becoming a coordinator in your community, making a monetary donation, or simply learning more? Head to their website!

The USM Foundation

“The USM Foundation serves as a catalyst for transformation at the University of Southern Maine. By engaging with alumni, friends, and community partners, we work side by side with the University to make a deep and meaningful impact on the lives of our students, the future of USM, and the economic wellbeing of Maine.”

university of southern maine logo

Interested in learning more about what the University of Southern Maine is working on currently to impact the community? Head to their website to learn more.

iBec got merry! But we’re always bright


Don’t we all love a reason to get together and have a good time? The holiday season is a time just for that. This year we headed down to Thompson’s Point for “Merry — A Maine Spirits Tasting Event”. Vendors from across the country come to mix up their specialty cocktails and dish them out in sample sizes.

konnor, morgan, kes, and liz posing together in a large event space with glowing ball lights hanging from the ceiling behind them

Interested in what a couple of iBeccians had to say about their experience at the event?


“I love a chance to hang with our clients and team outside of work! Maine Spirits knows how to put on a great event. The community came out, the drinks were excellent, and our team had a blast!”
– Nate


“The Maine Spirits Tasting Events are always a blast. It is fun to be part of the planning process and then cheers with everyone at the event when it all comes together!”
– Becky


“What a great way to be immersed in the local community! It’s fun to meet new people, try new drinks, and laugh with coworkers.”
– Morgan


“I love spending a happy hour out of the office with my coworkers. My favorite drink was the French 75!”
– Liz


“What an awesome spread of spirits and cocktail! Had a great time learning some new recipes, chatting with vendors and enjoying drinks with both new and familiar folks.”
– Konnor

There’s no Holiday Party like the iBec Holiday Party

Because an iBec Holiday Party don’t stop! This year we headed downtown to North Point for some appetizers, drinks, and a good ol’ fashioned Yankee Swap! The highlight of the night? A pry bar making an appearance in the Yankee Swap. If you’re imagining how one would wrap a pry bar, you’re probably right. Except this one was wrapped in pink with six-inch ribbon curls.

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