Annual Impact Report

Our purpose as a Certified B Corporation is to act locally to create momentum for a healthy global environment

“I believe that having a purpose-driven company is the way of the future. The more businesses that refocus their mission beyond profits and focus on their stakeholders–– not just shareholders––create a more just and equitable society. I’m so proud that iBec is a B Corp because it means that we have proof that we’re a force for good.

I’ve always cared about creating a great place to work, having a best-in-class client experience, giving back to our community, and making sure that we are a steward of our environment, but there wasn’t formality to it. Using the B Corp guidelines has given us a common language and framework to measure our positive impact and participation with other businesses who also care about being a force for good.”

Becky McKinnell

Founder & CEO


Everyone has a voice

One of the benefits of working within a small company is that no one gets lost in the shuffle. We all know each other here — very well! We not only encourage everyone to bring their wholeselves to work, we also encourage everyone to speak their minds. As a company that functions as transparently as possible, we are routinely holding staff meetings, managers meetings, employee satisfaction surveys, and team retrospectives. A team retrospective is when non-managers gather to discuss what’s working and what is not. This allows us to continually improve and work towards optimum employee happiness!


Governance Highlights

12 staff meetings

Meeting once a month as a whole company means everyone stays informed on progress towards company goals

40 managers meetings

We’re only as strong as our leaders. It’s important for management to continually meet and collaborate on company direction.

4 team retrospectives

Continuous feedback from the production team provides management with the feedback they need to drive employee happiness forward

86% average employee happiness

An average across all monthly surveyed categories such as benefits, management, teamwork, and more


Supporting and encouraging local involvement

To encourage community involvement, each employee is allowed two hours of paid time off for volunteer work each month, with four additional hours of group volunteer work also occurring bi-annually. With a digital presence now being essential to the success of each business, we recognize that there is the opportunity for us to support nonprofits in the community using our specific skillset. That’s why we commit a portion of our work capacity each month to probono work. Our commitment to the community doesn’t end there. Not only are we consistently making donations to local nonprofits, we also offer a company matching program to encourage employees to facilitate donations to organizations they’re passionate about.


Community Highlights

85 hours of employee volunteer time

Ranging from everything from donating blood to picking up trash at the beach

$1,700 donated due to company matching

A dollar to dollar match by iBec for each donation an employee makes

74 hours of probono work

Totaling up to $12,341 of donated work

$6,050 in donations

This includes monetary donations, sponsorships, or purchased memberships


Taking responsibility for our impact

Living in a place known for its great outdoors, we recognize the importance of playing our part in protecting not only our waters but the land that we live on. We are grateful to be on the homeland of the Wabanaki indigenous americans and recognize that we would not be here today without the sacrifices of their people. As a team, we’ve decided the place where we feel we can make the biggest impact is by focusing on supporting Maine’s local environment which will in turn have an impact on our global environment. We calculate and offset our own carbon footprint as a company and have implemented a “Green Hosting” service that encourages our clients to make their websites carbon neutral. We also participate in a local office composting program, Garbage to Garden.


Environment Highlights

29.90mT of carbon offsets purchased

Calculated based on employee commute, natural gas for heating the office, and server electricity utilized. Fun fact: The iBec office is powered using wind power, therefore no carbon emissions were produced in 2022 from that source!

14 websites hosted on our green server

Through a content delivery network (CDN) that offsets 300% of the energy used by data centers.

How Else Do We Prove Our Mission?

By the work we’ve done, and through the great work we’re about to do together. If you’re looking to bring purpose to the forefront of your brand, we’d love to talk.