R.J. Grondin & Sons

R.J. Grondin & Sons is a prominent construction company that has continually built & grown Maine since 1959. As a family-owned, third generation earth moving business, Grondin has become one of the premier construction companies in our state. 

While iBec has been a full-scale partner for R.J. Grondin, supporting them with everything from website maintenance to digital marketing, the implementation of an organic social media strategy has been especially exciting and effective. R.J. Grondin has jobs to fill and needs to find the right fit for their open positions. While they employ people of all ages, they find that hiring students right out of high school often results in that long term employment that they’re looking for.

They offer a wealth of internal growth opportunities that people entering the workforce often appreciate.
The problem? The younger generation engages with digital content differently than the generations that precede them. We needed to find a way to engage with that younger audience and show the benefits of working for their family-owned Maine business in a way that they can relate to.

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With R.J. Grondin’s goal of reaching the younger workforce in mind, we recognized the opportunity in front of us for producing content for various social media platforms, including video content for TikTok and Instagram Reels. R.J. Grondin adjusted their partnership with iBec in 2022 in order to include social media and content creation. Looking at their needs, we felt investing in these platforms would help them expand their reach to the age groups they’re looking to engage.

RJ Grondin Instagram on white iphone

To start, we did a full social media audit of their accounts to see what types of posts have worked in the past, what types of content their followers like and where there is room to grow. We also ran a competitive analysis where we found that there was a gap in the market. With virtually no other construction companies utilizing the platform, R.J. Grondin has the opportunity to be a leader in construction related social media content.
Monthly, we travel to various ongoing R.J. Grondin projects to capture photo and video content for use on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn. Capturing content on a monthly basis ensures that all content is recent and relevant to the audience. With internet trends always changing, it’s important to stay up-to-date with fresh content that people enjoy watching.
Alongside a monthly visit, we strategically create, plan, and post to all four of their social platforms. Before we started posting on their social platforms, R.J. Grondin was posting 1–2 times a month, going long periods of time with no posting. Building a consistent schedule on all platforms encourages users to engage and follow to be sure that they aren’t missing fresh content.


As a result of the consistent social media schedule and content creation, we have helped R.J. Grondin reach a whole new audience.
Throughout our time working together, it’s become clear what works best on R.J. Grondin’s accounts- video! Video has been the largest piece of success in this social media partnership. Their already established Instagram page has now had the opportunity to reach a new, younger audience through Reels. These videos also allowed them to have content on a new platform, TikTok, where many people in their target age group are spending time.

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Not only is Grondin reaching a larger audience, the audience is engaging with their content. The highest performing TikTok video on their new account has a 22% engagement rate. The momentum from a few months of consistent posting is a step in the right direction, a direction of growth. We are excited for future content opportunities and new ways to spread the word about another Maine business. At iBec Creative, we are #TeamGrondin!