Exploring the unknown: AI

February 2023 Newsletter -

If you spend time on social media you likely witnessed the most recent craze — AI portraits. There are a number of apps out there where you upload several different pictures of yourself and it will generate custom portraits of you. While that’s been all the buzz on social media, the AI craze doesn’t stop there. Because we’re an innovative team passionate about exploring the unknown, this past month we explored several different AI platforms. Here’s a custom image created by DALL‑E, an AI platform that creates images and art from a simple description. For this image we asked it to create “an impressionist painting of purple sunflowers in a glass vase”:

an AI generated impressionist painting of purple sunflowers in a glass vase

This one is a lot of fun to play with! Check it out here.

New website launch: Great Diamond Partners

Great Diamond Partners is an independent wealth management firm designed to serve individuals, multi-generational families, and business owners. iBec partnered with Great Diamond Partners to help redesign their website in order to align with ambitious marketing goals designed to support their rapid growth.

screenshot of the great diamond partners website featuring a picture of a man holding a child next to an elderly woman with text overlayed that says a transformational approach to wealth management

If you’re interested in a collaborative, transparent, and proactive partnership to help map out a prosperous financial future, head to Great Diamond Partners website!

To B (Corp) or not to B (Corp)

Even before we became a certified B Corp, iBec was (and continues to be) a team that cares about making a difference in the community around us. This past month our team helped out a number of great causes:

Preble Street

Their mission: “The mission of Preble Street is to provide accessible barrier-free services to empower people experiencing problems with homelessness, housing, hunger, and poverty, and to advocate for solutions to these problems.”

Their programs: “From a nutritious meal to crisis intervention, from clean clothes to healthcare, from shelters to a permanent home, Preble Street programs not only meet urgent needs but also create solutions to homelessness and hunger.”

Who they serve: “The people we meet come from every background. Some were born into abject poverty and abuse. Others were born into a loving and stable family, but life’s circumstances dictated a wildly unanticipated course.”

preble street logo

If you are interested in volunteering either your time or your money, you can head to Preble Street’s website to learn more about the opportunities available to you.

Maine B Corps

Maine B Corps exists to help create connections, increase collective impact, support existing and aspiring B Corps, enhance community, and educate consumers.

certified maine b corporation logo

Looking for more information on what it means to be a B Corp or how to get certified? Check out this iBec blog post about it!


NKENNE is looking to revolutionize African language learning with its app that features lesson plans designed by acclaimed professionals from around the world. With learning tools like games, flashcards, rewards, and progress trackers, the Nkenne app is bringing languages such as Somali, Swahili, Igbo, Yoruba, Twi, and more to the fingertips of app users all over.

nkenne logo

Head to NKENNE’s website to learn more or download their app!

Maine Outdoor Brands

“Maine Outdoor Brands is a member-driven alliance of outdoor product makers, experience providers, retailers and organizations invested in strengthening Maine’s $3 billion outdoor recreation economy. As champions of our state’s growing outdoor industry, we believe there is strength in numbers and aim to be a catalyst for growth. We empower outdoor businesses to thrive by providing collaborative marketing, networking, resource sharing and education in partnership with the Maine Office of Outdoor Recreation.”

maine outdoor brands logo

To learn more about Maine Outdoor Brands, become a member, or catch up on recent news and events, head to their website!

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